Upper Room Daily Reflections

Saturday, March 26, 2016

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Let's Ring the bell for Hope! Volunteers help bring in the joy of the holiday season to millions across the world. For many people seeing the red kettles and ringers are a true sign that the Christmas season has arrived. The money you raise brings hope to thousands of less fortunate families, children, seniors and institutionalized individuals through the distribution of new toys, Angel Tree gifts, care packages and financial assistance right here in the Phoenix Area. If you are interested in helping us ring the bell on December 12 and or 19th please email us for details                                                                           FaithThroughWorksFellowship@gmail.com

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Spiritual Solutions Group (SSG) will begin weekly meetings tomorrow evening and meet weekly Thursdays 6:30 to 8PM at Living Word Church in Ahwatukee. 14647 S 50th St #165, Phoenix, AZ 85044

Guys, this is a group that will combine bible study, with accountability, and fellowship. It a'int no "whine and cheese" party!

It is a weekly meeting to check in with one another, dive into God's word, and do life together. We are going to work on being better men and followers of Jesus.

You DO NOT have to have an alcohol or addiction issue. If you are a human, you have a struggle, so you qualify!
Bring your Bibles, and we will also work a bit from the workbook "The 12 Steps, A Spiritual Journey" bring your copy. I will have them available for purchase at cost.

Bring your own coffee, water, and food if you like.

Please invite your friends!

Saturday, June 20, 2015

WATER DRIVE STARTING July 1 Folks, the agencies, programs and helping service we support are beginning to run low on bottled water for those they help. Drop off Locations Needed!! If your business or organization is willing to be a drop off point for our WATER DRIVE please let me know! Our volunteers will pick up weekly so you won't be overrun with cases of water! Contact Pastor Mark! - FaithThroughWorksFellowship@gmail.com www.FaithThroughWorksFellowship.org

Friday, May 8, 2015

A bed to sleep in and a kitchen table to have dinner at….It’s the simple things in life that build confidence and provide security. The average family we assist is a single mom with 3 children all under the age of 10. They have worked hard to gain independence, emerging from programs of improvement and are finally empowered to independently raise their family with a sustainable income and steady, secure job. Please help us help them with a hand up! We need your donations of gently used furniture and furnishings. 100% of your tax deductible cash donations go towards beds and other needs of the families we help. Please consider helping us today. Please help Furniture Bank help others not as blessed as we are right now. www.FurnitureBank.us

Sunday, April 5, 2015

He is risen, nothing to fear. …… This Easter Sunday I am humbled with the newness that the Risen Christ brings to our lives. Being reminded of how His death conquered all that drags us down and truly brings me back to the roots of our faith and our freedom. The daily routines, issues, challenges, and habits of our lives can easily distract and pull us away from the life changing truth that is ours on a daily basis. “The angel spoke to the women: “There is nothing to fear here. I know you're looking for Jesus, the One they nailed to the cross. He is not here. He was raised, just as he said …."  Matthew 28:5-6 Lord, Thank you that Christ is risen! Please help us today to walk in the power and grace of the risen Christ. Please let us always seek Your will and not be stifled by our own, Amen. “we had to stop doubting the power of God.” Big Book pg 52 Have a blessed Resurrection day y’all!

Friday, April 3, 2015

Why do we call it Good Friday if that’s the day that Jesus died?

 What’s good about that? To be honest, even after I became a Christian, I didn’t really understand the significance of Good Friday. After I became thirsty for His truth and started to grow in my faith, through learning and daily study of God’s Word. I learned the significance of Good Friday, the actual day that Jesus was crucified, it became clear to me. Now, whenever I really think about it, my understanding is renewed, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

Good Friday is good because that is the day that we celebrate and honor the fact that Jesus Christ chose to die for us. Celebrating Good Friday means you understand the importance of Christianity and what this day means to us believer and our faith.

Jesus knew that his mission was now finished, and to fulfill Scripture He said, “I am thirsty.” A jar of sour wine was sitting there, so they soaked a sponge in it, put it on a hyssop branch, and held it up to his lips. When Jesus had tasted it, he said, “It is finished!” Then he bowed his head and released his spirit. (John 19:28-30)

Recognizing the importance of Good Friday, along with the celebration of Easter on Sunday, is a part of my faith.   It’s important to me that I be able to show and share the importance of this day to my family and others. This day says we cannot save ourselves. Without Christ’s selfless act, without His choosing to give His life, we would be living by the law, and not by grace. That’s the reason Christians put so much emphasis on Good Friday and Easter as such  important holidays. It is a large part of the “why” behind the celebration of our salvation.

“Good Friday is the mirror held up by Jesus so that we can see ourselves in all our stark reality, and then it turns us to that cross and to His eyes and we hear these words, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” That’s us! And so we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that if we say we have no sin, we deceive ourselves. We see in that cross a love so amazing, so divine, that it loves us even when we turn away from it, or spurn it, or crucify it. There is no faith in Jesus without understanding that on the cross we see into the heart of God and find it filled with mercy for the sinner–whoever he or she may be.” Robert G. Trache

Please join me in celebrating Good Friday and may you and your loved ones enjoy this Easter time and receive God’s grace and blessings.